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Drawing on our decades of management experience, our dedicated team makes property ownership simple and stress-free. We oversee everything involved in running our clients’ properties, handling communication with tenants, contractors, vendors, lawyers, and local municipalities; executing leases, renewals, and terminations; and administering all of the finances. In addition to standard management services, our position as licensed general contractors and in-house team of construction staff allow us to utilize our experience and network to optimize service for our residents while maximizing savings for our clients.

Our Services

Our in-house staff of leasing agents help to maximize rental occupancy and income by ensuring that properties are rented quickly and to high-quality tenants.

State-of-the-art management software ensures that rent is received and tasks are completed in a timely, streamlined manner.

With proficiency in tenant-landlord law and fair housing practices, we ensure all legal standards and responsibilities are met, protect our clients from liability, and oversee eviction proceedings.

As licensed general contractors, we have extensive first-hand experience in construction, allowing us to draw from our knowledge and connections to save clients money.

Our familiarity with building code and zoning law helps clients make informed decisions about repairs, improvements, and routine property upkeep.

With our range of properties under management and development, we are able to provide clients with preferential pricing on materials, utilities, and other services, and to bid projects and secure reduced rates.

At the same time, our in-house, licensed, and insured network of construction staff allows us to provide clients with lower costs on maintenance and repairs, resulting in regular and significant savings.

Our company has forged alliances with state agencies and private companies who offer incentives toward energy and advanced utility savings technologies to save our clients additional money.

We believe in transparency and open communication with our clients. In that vein, our staff conducts routine property inspections and prepares periodic summary reports, allowing our clients to share feedback and for our company to suggest ways to save money and provide additional streams of revenue.

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