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The Goldman Group facilitates the construction or repurposing of existing buildings into luxury residential apartment complexes, with the core of our business focused on redevelopment. As licensed general contractors (MA License #CS-116342), we bring our experience, expertise, and passion to every project, employing a qualified network of architects, engineers, contractors, and other construction staff to ensure work is completed on schedule at the lowest cost and highest quality.

Our Philosophy

Our approach provides a number of significant advantages over traditional development. By nature, the buildings we seek out are ones with untapped potential—mills, factories, schools, or police stations that have fallen out of use. As communities evolve and these buildings become vacant, they are often sold at a significant undervaluation—as much as 99% below their replacement cost.


While their value is limited in their original function, these buildings, under the right conditions, are prime opportunities for redevelopment. With a foundation and structure in place, they provide a huge head start on construction, saving time while bringing down costs and raising profit margins substantially.


On top of those savings, our projects often qualify for historic tax credits and other government incentives, making the investments even more lucrative.


As we breathe new life into these buildings and revitalize historic sites, we are proud to bring new value to communities and to our investors.

Our Process

Image by Dakota Roos
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